I’m a web designer, infrequent blogger and amateur chef who lives in and around the Miami area. Funny how design and food seem to pair up so often. Maybe it’s the artistic aspect of both, maybe it’s the fun of creating, maybe it’s just the desire to look at and consume wonderful things… Anyway, I’ve been collecting and treasuring recipes for a long, long time and this site is just another way to do it.

My friends will tell you, I’m an okay cook, but a darn good baker and dessert maker. For that reason, there’s a lot of sweets in my collection.

…what do I think is hard to cook?

Pie crust. Ugh. (I go graham cracker whenever possible.) And roast chicken. And omelets.

Sometimes I am asked for general advice on cooking and baking, so I’ll try to include some useful tips here as well. Bon apetit all!

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