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Pretzel Rolls


Crunchy, chewy, salty pretzel rolls. It’s like a slightly softer, reshaped edition of a soft pretzel. They’re great with burgers — in fact that’s pretty much all I do with them. But they would make a fine base for any

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My Top Five Tips for Successful Baking

coconut cake

Does the perfectly risen cake or crispy cookie seem out of your grasp? It’s not, I promise. Baking is chemistry, but it’s simple chemistry. There are so many great resources these days, it’s easier than ever to master the art and science of baking. Follow just a few basic principles, and your baked goods will become the fluffy, golden perfection you’ve always wanted.

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Blender, Food Processor or Stand Mixer? That is the question.


Have you ever wondered if there’s any difference between using a food processor, a blender or a stand mixer? In fact, there is. And it could make a real difference in the end result of your dish.

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What I made today


A lot of food with chicken

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Food blog begins


The start of the food blog.

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